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Slate Roofing - Supply & Install Costs

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Slate is one roofing material that has stood the test of time. Many buildings have roofing that has been in place for centuries yet still looks as fabulous as the day it was installed. All slate roofing has a unique sheen and classic appeal that makes it ideal for structures that need to be especially durable such as hospitals, churches and schools. Even so, it is still an ideal material for private residences.

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slate roofing
what is slate roofing?

What is Slate?

Slate is a type of rock derived primarily from clay and it can also contain other types of rock including quartz, calcite, pyrite, and feldspar to name a few. It has very fine grains which are adhered tightly together, thereby making it extremely durable. This rock is typically grey in colour, but can sometimes be black as well. It tends to have a light sheen that is brilliant when light is reflected off of it, giving it an elegant yet classic appeal.

Why is Slate used in Roofing?

It is used in roofing mainly because of its durability and aesthetics. Slate roofing is a neutral-coloured material that goes well with the exterior of any building whether it is brick, concrete, wood or stone. It’s also very easy to care for and rarely requires repair or replacement.

why use slate roofing?

Slate Roofing vs Tile Roofing

When choosing your roofing material you will inevitably come across the slate vs tile debate. Here are a couple of point that might help you to make up your mind:

  • Weight: Slate tiles are significantly lighter than traditional roofing tiles. If you roof was originally home to slate tiles then the roof trusses might need to be reinforced to cope with the additional weight.
  • Cost: There's no getting away from the fact that slates will cost more than tiles per unit, particularly if you opt for the most popular variety of Welsh Slate to cover your building.
  • Installation: Installing slate tiles usually takes longer (and therefore costs more) than more traditional tiles. The tiles are fixed directly to the roof with small pegs or nails whereas tiles are fitted more easily on top of the structure.

Alternatives to Solid Slate

Slate can be rather expensive since a great deal of material must be mined in order to get enough rock to cover a structure. One alternative on the market is known as Truslate®. This building material consists of a thin layer of slate fused with a waterproofing material on the top of it. This material is tucked discreetly underneath the piece that’s directly above it so it is virtually unnoticeable. Since less slate is needed to manufacture roofing materials, this option is much more affordable than using solid tiles. Even so, it provides all the same benefits of solid slate, and passers-by are unable to tell the difference between the two.

 slate roof alternatives
benefits of  roofing slate

Benefits of Slate Roofing

Homeowners who choose slate can realize a number of benefits including:

  1. Increased property value when compared to other nearby residences
  2. Resistant to weather damage
  3. Appearance naturally improves as the material ages
  4. No need to worry about replacing a roof, as this material generally lasts a lifetime
  5. Easy to clean and maintain-simply power wash stains and debris from the roof as needed

Disadvantages of Slate

Homeowners should also know there are a few disadvantages to using slate on a roof:

  • Other roofing materials cannot be laid over top
  • Dark colour of this material can increase sunlight absorption, thereby keeping a home hotter in the summer
  • May not deflect noise as well as some other materials
  • Patching or repairing requires special knowledge and expertise
disadvantages of  slate roofing

Why Slate is More Expensive than Other Options

Slate is a naturally-occurring material that is mined directly from the Earth in large slabs. Once mined, it must be processed and cut by hand into the tiles that will eventually make their way onto your roof. Another important consideration is the shipping costs involved; because using slate for roofing is heavy, it requires far more fuel to ship than other forms of roofing materials. Finally, it is harder to install due to the sheer amount of labour required to move each tile into place. These factors combined make slate the costliest of all roof tiles.

 slate roof repairs and maintenance

Slate Roofing Repair and Maintenance

One of the most durable materials for roofing... but it’s also one of the most expensive. Often, homeowners are willing to invest more in the initial installation to save themselves money on repairs and maintenance over time. However, it’s worth noting that slate roofing repair and patching does require some special expertise. Not all roofing companies have the experience and knowledge to do these repairs, which can make them more expensive when they are necessary.

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More areas covered

Slate Roof Installation or Repair - Not a DIY Project

Installing a slate tile roof or performing any type of repair work on it is not something that is recommended as a DIY project. One of the main reasons for this is that while slate tiles and sheets are extremely durable, there is a specialised process involved when it comes to installing them. Installing them incorrectly will either result in them cracking or breaking, not performing as efficiently as they should or even blowing off after strong wind has occurred.

Before allowing contractors to repair or install a slate roof, it’s crucial to verify that they are experienced in working with this material. This will ensure that repairs or a new installation is carried out correctly.

Finding Contractors to Handle Slate Repairs

Not all roofing contractors are experienced enough to handle slate roofing repairs, so it’s important to keep this in mind. Because the number of contractors who can perform these repairs and installations is quite limited, you can expect to pay more for patches and repairs. Fortunately, slate requires far less repair than other types of roofing material, which means your investment should continue to pay for itself. It’s easy to fill out a quick form and get responses from contractors who do have experience with this particular type of material.

Slate Roofing Costs

Several things influence the cost of slate roofing, and a few of them are:

  • Whether additional support must be added - it is very heavy and may not work well with many existing structures unless modifications take place
  • Whether full slate or Truslate® products are used
  • Size and pitch of roof
  • Presence of chimneys or vents in the rooftop
  • Whether old roofing must also be removed
  • Experience of the contractor
 slate roofing costs

Slate is a material that will likely continue to be popular for some time to come. Those who want to take advantage of durable materials in order to provide their family with the best protection possible may want to consider choosing slate. Doing so can not only mean safety and durability, but a residence that commands attention from everyone who visits it.

Your slate roofing questions answered

Roofs that are properly installed can be expected to last 100 years or more.

Along with their durability, slate roofs are also fireproof, energy efficient, and less prone to storm damage than other types of roofs are. Plus they also look great!

A roof made up of slate tiles is substantially heavier than some of the other roofing options. The tiles themselves are also much more fragile than asphalt shingles or fibreglass roofing.

Per slate tile, it is the most expensive, coming in at £1.05 - £2.49/tile. Installation for these tiles will usually cost from £300-£2,200 though there are savings to be made with our free quotes.

Yes, so long as the right underlay is placed underneath your slate tiles and you use good quality materials. A properly-installed slate tile roof can have a life expectancy of up to 90 years.

If you are replacing a tiled roof with slate then it's unlikely you will need to strengthen your trusses as tiles are generally far heavier than slate. It's worth checking your trusses in any case to ensure there is enough support for your choice of slate as there will still be variations in the weight per unit.

There’s no denying that slate roofs are far more fragile than their asphalt or fibreglass counterparts, but they tend to hold up well. Major hailstorms can potentially crack slate roofs, however.

While slate is incredibly durable, it’s more fragile than other material types. If a large limb falls onto your roof, you should not attempt to remove it yourself. Doing so can cause even more damage, which can be quite costly. Instead, get quotes from local roofing contractors who can check the scope of the damage and complete necessary repairs. You should also contact a professional for an inspection after a significant hailstorm since falling hailstones can also crack slate tiles.

Slate does have some colour variance, but unlike clay, fibreglass, and other materials, it cannot be dyed to suit your preferences. It is typically dark in nature, and no two tiles are exactly the same. Things like swirls in the natural pattern will make your roof unique. Depending on the company you choose, you may have some limited options available to you in terms of colour or texture.

Although slate tiles and sheets are quite durable, it can become badly damaged in the event of a harsh hailstorm or strong winds. If you have experienced bad weather, it is recommended that you have your roof inspected by professionals after severe weather has occurred.

These materials require highly complex processes to manufacture, which results in them being costlier than many other types of roofing material.

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Sample Roofing Requests

Slate is a favourite of ours here at Trusted Roofing, and if you need a new installation or any repair work to your roof then we have it covered. Below are just a small sample of quote requests we receive every single day!

Date Summary Request
16 Oct Felt Under Slate The felt has disintegrated under the tiles roof causing leaking internally. Leak bad enough to require a bucket. Having works done in the affected room.
16 Oct Tiles Blown Off There is a leak coming from the roof which is coming through our landing ceiling due to a few slates being blown off that need replacing. Those missing are quite high up on my terraced roof.
16 Oct Missing Tiles 1 slate missing front 1 missing rear & corner has two slipped slates need secured.
16 Oct Repair Cottage Roof Repair to slate tiled cottage roof - water staining in upstairs bedroom suggesting leak.
16 Oct New Tiles Needed I've lost a few slate tile in the bad weather. The area to be replaced can be accessed nearby. I reckon we need about 7/8 new tiles. This is urgent as they are letting in water.
15 Oct Tiles & Guttering 5 tiles and some plastic guttering replaced after a branch fell.
15 Oct Wind Damage Due to the heavy wind and rain in the east coast recently I have sustained a leak with water accessing my kitchen wall and ceiling. I need a Slate Roofing contractor to come and check my tiles and fix any broken or loose tiles and re-point anywhere that has deteriorated.
15 Oct Loose and Missing Tiles It's an end terrace and there is damp on the inner end wall in places and from visual inspection there are several slate tiles loose or missing which I presume is the cause. As this will be my new long term home and the upper rooms are in the roof space I think it is best to take all the tiles off so the roof can be insulated etc as doubt it is and then re-tiled
15 Oct Guttering & Tiles A section of guttering repaired/replaced and a few slates replaced on the boathouse building.
15 Oct Artificial Slate My roof is leaking into the second bedroom and there are patches in the second room ceiling after the heavy rain. There is a flat roof directly above the room and this could be the artificial slate damage or fibre glass. Not sure which one.
New Tiles Needed New slates on back of roof and new gutter.
Urgent Office Repairs Immediate response to come check/fill a hole in our slanted tiled roof that is currently leaking water into the 2nd floor of our office through a crack in the plaster next to live electric lights. Need sorting ASAP as leaking onto computer equipment etc. Thank you!
Broken & Slipping We have one broken and three slipping slates. Please quote for repair.
2 Roof Installs Could you give me a price to do both. 1 roof is slate. 1 roof is tile.
Attic Leak Slate on roof dislodged causing leak in attic.
Damaged In Gales Few roof tiles replacing that have come of and broken in wind.
Cracked & Slipped Rear roof has roof slates slipped causing a leak some are cracked please could we have a quote.
Cost Enquiry I am building my dream home and have been considering installing slate roofing. Can you provide me with a quote for roofing per metre?
Replacement Roof Our roof tiles need replacing so we are taking the opportunity to price up a slate roof replacement. Looking for a price for the complete supply and installation job plus advice on whether our existing framework will be suitable for slate.
Info Needed We heard that slate roofing is the most durable type of roofing ever. We would like to redo our roof. How much will this cost us? Thank you so much.
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